1. Download needed files using the DIRECT LINK, same archive is located at your personal Download area (if you are a paid customer). All the future updates are loaded automatically.

2. Unzip the files anywhere you want.

3. Make sure you have active FireHack subscription (4$ / month, only PayPal payments accepted). It is essential platform to run HandsFree combat routines.

4. Run your WoW (64-bit) and log in to your character.

5. Run FireHack and attach it.

6. Run Hands Free Loader and load it. Wait for establishing connection and then press Login button

7. You should see the red crown icon on your minimap. Left-click it to start the routine or right-click to see configuration window.

For further instructions read the PDF guide. You may also find needed information in the class related forum sections. Take a look at the macros topics as well. Good luck!

You may need to run everything as Administrator and / or add exceptions to your firewall / antivirus programs or install Visual C++ 2013.
In hard cases contact our support via online-chat form, Skype (wowhandsfree), Discord or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.