The Combat Routines are ready and updated for Legion 7.2.5

Fully automatized high-quality PvP and PvE damage and healing combat rotations with a variety of useful tricks will always get you to the tops!

Designed with support of multi-gladiators/R1s, following reliable PvE rotation guides and simulcraft, the routines have proved its ultimate advantage anywhere you run it - arenas, RBGs, dungeons and raids for over 7 PvP seasons now!

We are the oldest and finest FireHack based (a WoW multihack with Warden protection, which is known to be one of the safest at the moment with no banwaves for over a year) combat routine providers celebrating our 3rd year in WoW scripting market!

Flexible functionality settings. Enable the options you want to have for your class or make it do everything for you and get the maximum efficiency of best available combat rotations for WoW 7.2 (live) coded by highly experienced professionals!

Hurry to be the first and the best in your arena team, raid group or RBG party here and now!