Anticipating most common questions here is FAQ:

- Is this detectable and banable?
- The combat routines run via FireHack which is known to be undetected yet. The risk is minimum, but it's all yours.

- Will I be able to get Gladiator with this?
- The product has proven itself at Glad/R1 rating for last few seasons while it was tested as a private project. You could also take a look at user's feedbacks and actual screen shots in the forum. But remember that a successful arena match is also about tactics, good communication and teamwork

- How does it work in PvE?
- As a damage rotation with properly set priorities it does nearly maximum possible damage. Works very solid for healers too

- What is the best performing class?
- Our routines provide you the ultimate advantage
unlocking the maximum potential of each class in every situation. The choice is totally up to you, much depends on personal preferences. In general if you're looking for PvP, we'd suggest to watch PvP ladder to see most popular classes. For PvE check the DPS/HPS meters to make the best choice for a HandsFree routine.

- I want to have just the kick and maybe some other features
- The combat routines settings are very flexible, you can disable DPS/healing rotation and leave only the options you want to have

- Are the routines fully automatized? What do I have to do myself?
- The combat rotations handle DPS/Healing part perfectly well + some important class features along with Auto kick and Smart fake system. All you need to do is manage the major offensive / defensive abilities and CC the enemies. The routine gives you the essential key to success - time and concentration on decision making, tactical moves and positioning.

- Can I have a discount for a multiple purchase?
- We offer all-classes pack, which costs 349EU instead of 588EU if you purchased them one-by-one.

- Will you continue working throughout Legion and will I have to pay extra for updates?
- We plan to keep working while World of Warcraft exists, including the entire Legion addon. All the updates are automatic, coming out weekly and free-of-charge.

- How do I run the rotation first time?
- First of all, you should read the PDF manuals that is included in the archive you download with the routine. Also see How to run guide. In case if you don't find an answer to your question or have a critical issue, you may always contact our consultants via Skype, Discord or online chat.

- What if I have troubles with payment?
- You may contact our consultants via online chat, Discord (@Naarian) or Skype (wowhandsfree) to resolve your issue.

The Combat Routines are ready and updated for Legion 7.2.5

Fully automatized high-quality PvP and PvE damage and healing combat rotations with a variety of useful tricks will always get you to the tops!

Designed with support of multi-gladiators/R1s, following reliable PvE rotation guides and simulcraft, the routines have proved its ultimate advantage anywhere you run it - arenas, RBGs, dungeons and raids for over 7 PvP seasons now!

We are the oldest and finest FireHack based (a WoW multihack with Warden protection, which is known to be one of the safest at the moment with no banwaves for over a year) combat routine providers celebrating our 3rd year in WoW scripting market!

Flexible functionality settings. Enable the options you want to have for your class or make it do everything for you and get the maximum efficiency of best available combat rotations for WoW 7.2 (live) coded by highly experienced professionals!

Hurry to be the first and the best in your arena team, raid group or RBG party here and now!